Raw diamond American Akitas


We are a small family consisting of Bettina & Palle Ravn, 6 Maine Coon cats and 2 American Akita.

Us two-legged came together in autumn 1998. Bettina had a 3 year old female Samoyed named Nikki.

In March 1999 we bought our first common dog. A German Shepherd male named Thor.


We live on a small farm, with plenty of space both inside and out. We are very devoted to the animals we have are well, and have plenty of room to romp on.


When Nikki was 5 years old, she started to get sick. One year after she was blind and aggressive. The last thing made ​​the difficult decision a little easier. Because then was Bettina's three children small.

She had no pedigree. Although it was a Samoyed kennel. But back then we had no experience of how much a pedigree actually means. After all we had been through with her, we decided, never again to buy a cat or dog without a pedigree.








In 2001 we got our first purebred cat. One male Maine Coon. We were fast agreed to try to show him, and we were quickly hooked. So we decided to buy a female so we could start a cattery. Our plan was to make some really nice, social and healthy cats.

We have since bred 17 litters. on 8 females.

The first information gained we got to the American Akita in 2007 was at a cat show. There we talked with someone who had one. He showed us a picture and told us about his American Akita. We fell in love immediately. Then we read everything we could find about the breed, online, and went to dog shows, to see them alive, and talk to breeders.




Spring 2009 was our beloved Thor ill. After several vet visits and strong penicillin cures, it ended up, he got gangrene in his testicles, he had to be castrated. After a while he got an eye disease, and after a short time, he was completely blind.

We now began our search for an American Akita. For we were well aware that Thor did not have much time left.

On 12/04/10 Thor could no more.

On May 1st 2010, we drove to Stralendorf near Schwerin in northeast Germany. To get our 1st American Akita called Zeus.

We had rented a camping cabin for 4 days so he could bind to us before he went home to 8 cats, kids and a lot of people who would come to "baby visit"

That we enjoyed very much and this method can only be recommended.


When we got him home, we found out that our largest cat Carlos, was bigger than Zeus. What we did not expect.


We've gone to puppy training with him, and after that we took him to obedience training. We still do. But to go to obedience with an Akita is a challenge because it does preferably only what it thinks is fun. And has an opinion of its own. Not such as a GermanShepherd which does everything you ask it to do, just to please you. And because it loves to work.


Zeus is a very special Akita. He loves to have guests, and will sit on the lap of all (which does not smell like a big dog) He adores our cats, small dogs and children. But other large breeds, is not exactly his cup of tea. Particularly if they think they are something.



In June 2012 we were contacted by a good A. Akita friend who gave us a shock. She asked if we would like to have her bitch of 3 ½ years.

That we thought much about because we had no plans to get more dogs, let alone an adult. But we thought Matok was so nice and sweet. So we took it to a thorough consideration.

We thought about many things:

How would her and Zeus take each other? Because Zeus was the our "little baby"

What about the cats? Because Matok did not like cats.

If we were to have two dogs of each sex, we had to have make 2 kennel boxes with matching serial areas. So they did not make puppies, and possibly. did damage to each other.

Would Matok like to stay with us? Did she like us? could we have time for 2 dogs? etc.


We thought for about a month and was then agreed that we were willing to try to have her up here, but on the condition that Susanne would take her back if it just did not go well.


The 25th august.2012 came Susanne with the gorgeous Matok. Matok handled it nicely. We had to go to a show with both dogs, the day after, so we helped each other to groom both dogs. When we went home from the show was Matok our dog :-)


She has felt at home ever since, and is always total HAPPY





Our summer holiday 2012

went with making boxes and

runs, for both dogs


In addition, we enclosed

our field of approx. 1200 m²